The Fundello Mission

  • Fundello enables schools and organizations to achieve superior fundraising results utilizing Fundello’s turnkey, eco-friendly consumer electronics buyback program.

How Fundello Works

  • The Fundello buyback program motivates supporters to sell their used electronics for direct payment from Fundello.

  • Supporters are encouraged to donate all or a percentage of that value to the school/organization during their checkout process on the Fundello application.

  • Fundello also makes a generous donation on every transaction!

The Fundello Advantage

  • Fundello makes every transaction directly with your supporters. Processing transactions, handling money and distributing products are a thing of the past, making Fundello much easier to execute than traditional fundraising options!

  • Fundello results (in terms of dollars raised) can far surpass traditional fundraising programs with a lot less work!

  • Fundello provides a 2nd Life for these used electronics, keeping them out of the landfills by extending their useful life. Pizza dough, gift wrap and cookie sales can’t do that!

  • Schools/organizations make green for being green; a message that gets your students and supporters excited to participate and be successful!

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